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See  Sea  Si! Close to town, yet totally private, the Yelapa Love Nest (Nido del Amor) is the perfect hide-away. Casa Sirena


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Getting to Yelapa

The only airport serving the area is in Puerto Vallarta. Try to catch flights that arrive by 2-3pm, otherwise you may need to spend the night in PV and catch a water taxi the next day. If you have time and don't mind an hour boat ride, catch a cab from the airport to Los Muertos pier in Old Vallarta (also referred to as the Romantic Zone!) The cab fare should be US$20-25. You may be able to share one with someone else heading that way.

Upon arriving at the pier, you will probably be approached by men trying to sell you a ticket. You DO NOT NEED a ticket! If you buy one you will pay more, as a commission to the seller, and you will limit your return options.

Just get yourself and your baggage on the next water taxi after making sure it is one that stops at Yelapa and get onboard. Be sure to disembark at the village pier on the south side of the bay. Do not get off on the pier near the hotel or on the beach.

Finding Us

As you step onto the pier, hand 110 or 120 pesos per passenger in your group to the boatman who will be standing there. Be sure all your bags are on the dock. There are often mozos (porters) who will offer to carry your bags for a fee. If it is a heavy bag you should tip about 30-50 pesos a bag. Tell him, or ask someone nearby if you carry your own bags, thatyou want to go to Casa Sirena. It is about 6 properties west of the pier, on the shore, heading toward the open sea. You’ll need to find the main trail and it is about a 3-5 minute walk to the gate, which will be on the left side of the little beach you will come to.  You will check in for Nido del Amor ( The Love Nest) at Casa Sirena.

Water Taxi Info: At Los Muertos pier in PV, a one way fare should cost 110-120 pesos and you pay the attendant who will be helping you get off the boat. It's a good idea to line up for the passage 10-15 minutes before departure to make sure you get on.

After stowing your bags up front, try to make your way as far to the stern or rear of the boat as you can, as the one hour ride will be easier on your spine if there is a choppy sea. The last water taxi from Los Muertos usually leaves around 5:30pm. There are frequent departures earlier in the day, starting at 10:30am.


Bus Transport from Puerto Vallarta to Boca Tomatlan: For a shorter water taxi ride, and an enjoyable scenic drive, the bus route from Puerto Vallarta to Boca Tomatlan is fascinating. The cost is roughly 5 pesos and the cheapest way to travel. From here you can catch the water taxi for roughly 60 pesos into Yelapa, which takes 25-30 minutes. Get off on the road at the Boca de Tomatlan bus stop and walk down the hill into the village and veer to the right and find the pier where the water taxis land and depart.. All the other info about round-trip tickets and sitting towards the stern still applies

What to do in Yelapa

Yelapa Watsu Center

Experience peace and comfort with a watsu massage.

The Watsu Center, located at Casa Sirena, features a large heated pool separated from the ocean by a 2’ thick stone seawall.

When Casa Sirena is rented the watsu therapist , who owns Casa Sirena, will be out of town exploring Mexico. If you are staying nearby and would like to experience the total relaxation and therapeutic benefits of this form of aquatic shiatsu, stop by or call Bob at 209-5169 for an appointment.

Enjoy a Watsu treatment right next door with a certified practitioner.

Renters of Nido del Amor will receive a 20% discount on massage and spa services. For more on watsu, click here.

One of the more popular activities are the many day trips offered by a fleet of cruisers, catamarans, sailing yachts, and other boats that will show you the beautiful coast to the south or deliver you to any one of a number of small beach communities where you can spend the day sipping coco locos and munching guacamole while you enjoy the sun and waves.

It is commonplace to spot pods of dolphins, cruising whales, or up to a dozen parasailers at a time soaring over the bay and village from your ocean side vantage point. A large variety of seabirds can be observed daily diving for fish or circling the returning fishing boats.

For other ideas and activities, see Welcome to Yelapa.

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